My boyfriend and I!

My boyfriend, Andrew, and I!

I never know how to start these things. Does anyone ever know how to start these things? Really?

My name is Amy Christy. I am a nineteen year old college student majoring in Psychology. Ironic, right? Maybe not. Are you sure you really want to know me? I’m crazy. Then again, aren’t we all? Bloggers are just willing to show it. So here I am, showing off my mishegas (craziness).

With the twists and turns of daily life, I just want Solace.

Yea. That’s where I got the blog name. Solace + In = Solacin. What do you find Solace In?

I’m a writer, a graphic designer, a programmer, gamer, anime-freak and college student.

I’m not the gamer girl that holds the controller in their mouth. I’m the one hunched over the couch pressing buttons and cursing at the person who just headshot me from an impossible position. There is a difference. Don’t let them fool you! I play Magic the Gathering, and D&D, and will watch the crap out of anime.

I’m short. Very short. But I am proud of the fact that I beat the legal midget height by one inch! I get mistaken a lot for a 15 year old. Ahah. The stories I could tell!

Misfit Jobs I have:

Admin on Weekly Shonen Jump Community Forum

Moderator on Bump’s Wonderland

Freelance Marquee Ad Maker for Snowden Grove Marquee Ads

Student Worker at Northwest Mississippi Community College – Library (Only during Spring/Fall)


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