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I say a little to excuse my absence. I need to pick up the pace with this anyway.

So here’s a quick summary of why my blog has Collector’s Edition Dust settling in on the shelves:

College. Drama shizznits. Jobs. Got hired for an anime review site. Shenanigans. 

I dunno. Should I keep going or do you get the gist?

Anyway, I wrote this a while back. I’m a little late posting it, but it should do for now.

With the release of the Apple iOS7 Update, for those of you who have decided to update your Apple Device, what are your thoughts on the new version? I’m going to be honest. I’m not that impressed. I updated my iPhone 4 with the new release, and am actually regretting it for a few reasons. I have found the new color scheme to be annoyingly bright. Although the flow of the device is a lot smoother in a lot of ways, everything seems very plain and lacks color.

The lock screen is awesome, I will admit, and I love the new pass code screen.

The update requires a good bit of memory. My update was 2.9GB, and I actually had to rid of unwanted applications before I was able to update my system. Although I didn’t regularly use these applications, it was still a lot of memory to have to clear for an update I didn’t know very much about.

If anyone knows of a way to change the color scheme, PLEASE let me know! The SMS screen is annoyingly bright and very, plain!

There have also been, not one, but two new iPhone releases, and I must say I am rather disappointed in Apple’s lack of investment in the new updates. I believe Apple rushed their updates. If they had waited a little longer and developed something more worth while, the updates would have been much more worth the investment in a new phone. Right now though, I can wait until my contract runs out to think about a FingerPrint Scanner and an upgraded camera.

However, without further ado, Apple has introduced the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5C!

The iPhone 5S is rather disappointing from what I’ve read, thought don’t base your next phone on just my opinion. I always suggest that people do their own research for what they need. As I mentioned before, Apple has introduced a FingerPrint Scanner into the 5S, stepping up in security. The phone can come in three colors: silver, space gray, and gold. Other than the Scanner, I don’t really see much of an upgrade other than the iOS7 Update and some colorful cases.

This leads me to the second release in the Apple’s iPhone creations: the iPhone 5C. C for…color?

Yup. Not much of an update, gonna be honest here guys! So, now you can buy the iPhone in a lot of different colors…with cheaper plastic? Really, Apple? That’s all you have? So instead of 199$USD for an iPhone, you can get cheaper colored plastic for 99$USD? Not impressed.

That’s just my thought though! What are your thoughts? What do you like? What do you hate? For those of you who haven’t updated, are you going to at some point? If you haven’t already, before you do, make sure to check out the updates on Apple’s website!