Just a little about me?

Name : Amy
Nick Name : Panda, Domo, Pandomo
Birthdate : 09/02/1993
Birthplace : Tupelo, MS
Current Location : Southaven, MS
Eye Color : Hazel (changes in between more blue, green, or brown, though)
Hair Color : Brunette
Height : 4’11
Weight : 90 lbs
Piercings : Ears
Tatoos : None
Boyfriend/Girlfriend : Taken by Andrew ❤
Vehicle : Nope
Overused Phrase : Dear Lord…
Food : Sushi (Eel and Shrimp Tempura Roll)
Pub/Disc/Restaurant : Applebees
Candy : 100 Grand Bar
Number : Only if I know you ;o.
Color : Teal or a combination of red and gray
Animal : White Owl
Drink : Pineapple and Coconut Sparkling Water
TV Show : House MD
Actor/Actress : Robert Downey Jr.
This or That
Pepsi or Coke : Pepsi
McDonalds or BurgerKing : McDonalds
Chocolate or Vanilla Chocolate
Hot Chocolate or Coffee : Hot Chocolate
Kiss or Hug : Hug
Dog or Cat : Cat
Summer or Winter : Summer
Scary Movies or Funny Movies : Funny movies
Love or Money : Love
Bedtime : What bedtime?
Most Missed Memory : Drinking glass-bottled coke and scream-singing American Idiot in the car
Best phyiscal feature : Height
First Thought Waking Up : lolnope.
Ambition : Get my PHD
Strength : Intelligence
Weakness : Size
Cheated Your Partner : Never!
Ever been beaten up : Dear Lord, yes…
Ever beaten someone up : In practice sparring, yes.
Ever Shoplifted : Stole a Spiderman Bandaid when I was 6. Just one. Never again.
Ever Skinny Dipped : Nope.
Ever Kissed Opposite sex : Yes.
Been Dumped Lately : Nope.
Favorite Eye Color : Blue
Favorite Hair Color : Light brown / Mud blonde
Short or Long : Short, almost buzzed
Height : Average
Looks or Personality : Personality
Hot or Cute Cute
Muscular or Really Skinny : Toned
What country do you want to Visit : Rome
How do you want to Die : I just want a peanut butter jelly sandwich in my stomach ..
Get along with your Parents : With my mom, yes.
Health Freak : Not really
Do you think your Attractive : Kinda? I dunno?
Believe in Yourself : Journey told me to, so I do.
Want to go to College : I am there now!
Do you Smoke : No
Do you Drink : Only have once.
Shower Daily : Of course.
Been in Love : Yes!
Do you Sing : Do you WANT me to sing?
Want to get Married : Yes ❤
Do you want Children : No more than two!