People have this sense that everything is either good or bad and that there’s nothing in between any more. Black and white. Right or wrong. Truth or lie. Fact or fiction. Like that’s some kind of life or death decision.

Someone once gave a lecture on rational and irrational thinking, and he made a good point. You can have a gallon of milk, but if you put one drop of cyanide in the gallon of milk… it’s ruined. You can no longer drink it. Yea, that’s a good point. I can’t find an argument against that no matter how hard I try.

So why do people have this black and white view of the world? What drives this? The way we grow up? Instinct? Culture? Religion? Obviously it all plays a factor in our views of right and wrong, but in the end, who decides what is right and what is wrong?

People stereotype Muslims based on the chaos caused by radical Muslims.Although I haven’t read into it, I’m pretty sure there isn’t a part of the Quran that can be translated into “strap a bomb to your chest, go to a crowded area, blow yourself up, and take as any people as you can with you.” This is the radical view. I’m pretty sure there are people of the Muslim faith that see this as completely irrational while others may find this rational.

More people die in the ‘name of God’ these days. How is that rational? Don’t know.

What do you think? Is there even such a thing as rationality these days?