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Celestial blue orbs unclosed to an unfamiliar world surrounding the figure of a girl. With a deep breath she rose, rustling the leaves that lay decaying underneath. Back and forth the beads scanned the new land, taking in the new sight. It was something never seen; it was something never heard; it was something that took the wind from the chest and spread it over hundreds of miles of awe. Standing to her feet she trembled, shaking with admiration. Such a beautiful sight!

Heaven’s Eye struggled to pierce through the thick vegetation. Above her it seemed as though the heavens were nothing but an endless collection of emerald leaves. Their branches extended over to one another, touching their leaves in their Earthly connection. A heavy fog hovered just below. With the light squeezing through the mist, the atmosphere illuminated with an angelic glow. Almond strips could be seen just through the fog, standing tall to support the foliage.

Below the stubs of her toes, thousands of ants used the decaying limbs and leaves as a roadway, climbing across the branches like bridges over a lake. She could feel each grain of dirt below her as she dug her bare feet into the Mother she called Earth. Tiny pools of water, which were as clear as the purity of a new soul settled coolly in the crevices of the undergrowth. Morning dew gathered on the small slits of grass that poked through the mess. They stared back at her like stars in an olive and coffee galaxy.

Ah! The sounds she heard! The giant oaks shivered in the wind that blew through them like an aurula, wafting around its essence of spirituality. Small critters made every sound at every pitch possible—chirping, tweeting, slithering, hissing, flapping. A pleasant smell settled in her nose. It was the scent of nature, beauty, divinity—if one could describe such a fragrance. In two words it could be described as moss and dew, both fresh and sweet. One could not imagine such things. Just as Heaven is indescribable, so was the Heaven that now cornered her on all sides, trapping her in its utter beauty. It was a golden world of utmost quality.

Then there came a threatening thunder. The trees squealed and screamed; the crunching noise was not one a person could simply forget. The chirping, tweeting, slithering, hissing, and flapping grew louder, and then faded until they could be heard no longer. The garden around her shrunk. Knobs and stumps of trunks now replaced the world she had so easily come to love. It was now barren, stripped of all life and song…naked. A deep sea rose within her, churning around with rage at the sight. No longer was this a safe haven. It was now a Hell born from both hate and fire. It looked angry. The forest looked angry.

Celestial orbs unopened to the lavender walls of a bedroom.