This is Mojo Jojo, if you’re wondering.

So I got a random text from someone, and my first reply was, of course : who is this? And their reply, as epic as possible, was : I am Mojo Jojo. Now I don’t know how many of my follows are even familiar with the name ‘Mojo Jojo,’ but anyone who knows who that is, is probably a 90’s kid or a parent of a 90’s kid. Mojo Jojo was an ‘evil’ villain from an old cartoon show that I grew up watching called the Powerpuff Girls. He was, in all respects, a failed villain who showed up over and over, but was never truly evil.

Many interesting conversations have taking place between me and this impostor Mojo Jojo. Granted, nothing has been of much meaning. Most of our texts have been composed of silly and random blurts of memes and phrases known most commonly with people of our age and interest.

So why am I blogging about this? Because it’s freaking hilarious. That’s why.

The conversations we have had over text have certainly made some of my boring moments a laugh out loud session. I thought to myself: why not blog about it? I’m not going to try to find out who this is. Not now, maybe not ever. I have him in my phone as Mojo Jojo, knowing fully well that is it actually Bubbles in a disguise because Blossom and Buttercup were ganging up on her again.

I’ll be posting some of the random conversations between Mojo Jojo and I in hopes that the 90’s kids that are reading my blog can reminisce in the silliness. Hope you enjoy!

Random Number: [pic]

Me: I can’t get pictures on my phone Who is this?

Mojo Jojo: I am Mojo Jojo.

Me: I knew it! One of your more brilliant disguises? Where is Professor Utonium when you need him?

Mojo Jojo: I have him in my super secret hidden base. I, Mojo Jojo, plan to make the world bow down to me, Mojo Jojo!

Me: Well, can you plan to take over the world wait? My Chemical X is being approved my UPS, and won’t be here until Friday.

Mojo Jojo: Of course! But I, Mojo Jojo, will take over the world. Because the plans were made by me, Mojo Jojo!

Me: You have made my day, kind sir. Scotty will beam you a cookie.

This conversation has been paraphrased from memory. My texts were deleted since this started! This is a general idea of how it went, though, and only part of it! More to come!