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As if simply being was something out of bounds, we colored outside the lines.
As if flight was something only in dreams, we vowed to dream together.
As if hope was something to rid of darkness, we illuminated our worlds.
As if truth was something misunderstood, we clarified its meaning.
As if kindness was something theorized, we proved it could be real.
As if success was something that was unreachable, we made it.
As if acceptance was something undefinable, we gave it a word of its own.

As if Rhyme and Reason explained everything, we learned that it cannot explain LOVE.
Because LOVE just is.

And if you want to live for LOVE, live by the following, live for the sake of:
Simply being. Dreaming. Hoping. Understanding. Caring. Succeeding. Accepting.

Not only for yourself, but for the people that make Rhyme and Reason just another silly phrase.
I am because you are.
There is no Rhyme or Reason.
There is only LOVE.