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Never really got the point of writing about my day in a blog, but I’ll try.

I got up this morning with Lose Yourself by Eminem stuck in my head. I’ll start by saying that I am in no way complaining. If any song is stuck in my head, I would probably pick this one. Seems to me that if I ever do get something stuck in my head, it’s Wide Awake by Katy Perry. The thing is that you’re never ‘wide awake’ … you’re always deliriously tired, repeating the one part that says “I’m wide awake” while rocking back and forth in your rolling chair at work. If you can imagine it, just picture a ruffled head of brunette hair hunched over a laptop, wide eyed, typing rapidly, and randomly blurting “I’m wide awake” over and over. If anyone saw me doing this, I’m sure they would gladly assist me to the psych ward. If a psychologist or someone who is able to admit people to the psych ward is reading this, this is only hypothetical…. I swear.

I got to the campus, my boyfriend, Andrew, waiting for me upstairs. We talk for a bit before I have to go to Spanish I to take my final.

Oh… God… why… My Spanish teacher is a lovely lady, very pretty, good teacher, fun to listen to. But if she says ‘guess what’ ONE more time, I’m going to shove a guess what up her guess what. Again, only hypothetical. I’m not homicidal, I swear. I’m only sad that the one time I don’t get an e-mail for Teacher Evaluations is when I actually need it… I’ll just note that one day she said ‘guess what’ 112 times within a two hour lecture. I know. I record my lessons. Now every time someone says ‘guess what’ my automatic response is ‘112.’

The final was actually a lot easier than I had expected. Still got a C average in the class, though. I was very distraught by a C. I’ve only ever gotten one B in college… the rest are A’s. My psychology final was next… not so sure what to think about this one. It is beyond me how I made an A in that class… There is no possible way with the test and homework grades that I received. I should have gotten at least a C, maybe a B… I’m onto you, professor. I know I shouldn’t complain about an A… but I’m just seriously confused! GPA dropped from 3.89 to 3.73… I am sad :|.

Today was the first day in a while that I have been able to spend time with my boyfriend. Sushi, swimming, and ignoring a movie is enough to make my day! And just like that… the sushi was gone. When we were swimming, someone came up to me and asked how old I was… 19, was my honest reply. He thought I was 15 and, I believe, was genuinely concerned as to why I was dating a 22 year old. Good days always seem to end too quickly!

Summer Session 2 starts Monday… See you then, Mrs. Guess What. ;-;.