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(This poem is based completely off of symbolism. The topic is bullying. Comment if you can relate!)

Listen closely, come and hear
For this might just save your life.
You have very much to fear
In the moments of your strife.

They lure you to the shadows
With their glare and rope and stone.
They snatch you from the meadows
Where as a free man you once roamed.

Listen to their calls,
You can hear them in the trees.
Look around you, creatures crawl.
The wind is dancing with the leaves.
Listen to the creaking wood,
Which once stood as a home,
But is now rid of all the good,
And now sets a horrid tone.

In the dry air of the desert,
They seek the last of man
To come and be their experts,
And to feed from the devil’s hand.

Don’t listen to their lies,
For their profession is to greed.

Although a FREE MAN cannot DIE,
a DEAD MAN cannot be FREED.